Dad: The Exemplar

You would think that the first Father’s Day would be the best for any dad. Experience on the other hand has taught me otherwise and I think everyone would find the same is true for the majority of us, both moms and dads alike. As time goes on, each Father’s Day that approaches grows increasingly special and theres no mystery as to why. We all know that during a child’s infancy the parent thinks their baby is living through their so-called “favorite stage”, and that their adorable baby can’t get any cuter. The year after that is no different, it’ll leave you thinking the same thing, and guess what? It always will. This pattern continues to repeat itself until an undetermined age is met (it’s still an ongoing progress for me with our oldest only being 3). Every year your child does a little more, and with each evolving personality trait they exhibit or behaviorial characteristic they display, the more evidence is brought to light suggesting that under that tiny child of yours, an actual adult is living inside. On top of that, you’re instantly reminded of the rapid pace at which your child is constantly growing and it is undoubtedly a cause for alarm. That’s what you call bittersweet my dear parental friends, because although the alternative is the absolute worst, watching your baby grow up so fast and develop thought processes of their own is still melonchally, just in a joyful way, and can still produce powerful emotions and tears of joy. The other side to that coin is experiencing the all the humor and heart-melting moments that only gets better as your child ages. The comments that are so priceless you wouldn’t trade them for the world, and the hugs that won’t ever be as tight as they are at the innocent age of three. It’s when your child grows up and is finally able to show appreciation for all the hard work you’ve been doing and it’s when you finally get some kind of confirmation that you are doing things right! You’re not only recognized, you’re appreciated! Jack keeps saying how bad he wishes Marco would hurry up and turn 2 because that’s when they start talking and saying cute things, and I feel the same way myself… for the most part. Hearing your baby say “I love you, too” for the first time really can stop a parent in their tracks. It makes you tear up just like in the movies, yeah that’s right, it’s real! It’s no Hollywood dramatization! Emotions that powerful actually do exist! It’s so cliché to hear people say (especially your parents)… “one day when you have kids, you’ll understand”, but it got it’s well deserved notoriety for a reason, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood corrected by it.

But these days it’s all a little different. It’s not just the moms who recognize all of this, it’s the dads, too. At an age where fathers are becoming stay-at-home dads, doing laundry, and picking up the slack that working mothers leave behind, it’s only fitting that there be an inaugural Parent’s Day. Dads do a lot, more now than ever before, and studies have shown the importance of having Dad around to instill lessons in their children that mothers simply cannot. Father’s Day isn’t about making dad feel just as special as a mom by giving them their own day, it’s about stopping to thank him for all the things he has done, and is willing to do, all in the name of love.

Here are some snap shots of what Jack’s Father’s Day was like. It wasn’t the fancy night out for dinner or costly trip to somewhere new, it was exactly as it should be; with the kids, at home. Giada insisted on baking him a heart shaped cake, and she even helped decorate it and spread the chocolate pudding in between both layers.

The Exemplar

Sweet Pea

Giada’s Father’s Day cake

It wouldn’t be Jack’s cake if it didn’t have some sort of alien topper!
I surely hope your Father’s Day was just as special as ours.


💋 Graziella H.

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