Brighter Than Sunshine


Happy Monday, world! I’m starting this week off with the photos we took before packing up the Monday beforehand to head on up to Tennessee. Once I learned we’d be in for colder weather for a good amount of time, the only two little people that can make me happy when skies are gray tagged along with me and together we spent the whole day outside, playing and relishing in the last day of fun in the Florida sun. This was a colorful and spunky look that I thought would really brighten up any type of day, and considering the news that facilitated our rapid transit to TN was gloomy, a little sunshine was exactly what we needed.





Top: Pink Blush. Shorts: Discontinued, similar hereTights: George, similar here. Wedges: City Classified. Accessories: Sarah & Co., similar here and here. Bag: Christian Lacroix.

Giada’s Outfit: Ralph Lauren. Boots: Healthtrex. Mini Fendi inspired bag: It was mine when I was her age! But Little Trendsetters has the best mini designer inspired handbags for your little one. Earrings: Sarah & Co., similar here.

Marco’s Hero Top: here. Striped pantsCartersSuperhero mask: From the $1 bin @ Target.


My favorite part of this whole look is the top by Pink Blush. The florals are vibrant, and the elbow patches and pocket are cut from a faux suede fabric while the shirt itself is a cool and breezy, stretchy jersey knit material. But the best part about this shirt is the cut and size, it’s loose & comfortable as well as long enough to cover your behind. I could use this shirt all throughout pregnancy if I wanted to, and it would look just as good as it does on a gal without a bun in the oven! Most of my maternity clothes consisted of the usual blue jean suspects and my everyday favorite tops, just sized-up, & I’m glad I did that because now I can still enjoy all the shirts I bought before. I paired it with some mid-rise, sailor denim shorts and green fashion tights because it was too hot for pants, and both Giada & I donned floral and leaf inspired accessories to go with our outdoor theme.

Before the warm weather is long gone and half the country is in full blown cabin fever mode, take advantage and wear those bright florals while you can! Afterwards the kiddos and I went inside, took out our suitcase and started packing nothing but scarves, coats & winter boots for our trip to the mountains, and boy was it beautiful, especially during this time of year.

This post was sponsored by Pink Blush

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