Trick or Treat

I told Jack I wanted to shoot someplace creepy. After all it is Halloween, right? So when he pulled up to this deserted piece of the world, I automatically assumed we were at a cemetery.


But this was no cemetery at all, & when he told me it was actually a settler’s monument on protected Indian land, I had to stop and ask if he was doing the tricking, rather than the treating (which a lover should be more inclined to do) on me. 


All I could see in the distance was a tall, lone stone just standing there, begging to be noticed as if to signify to any skeptics that this was indeed a place of historical significance. The land was covered with spooky moss and full of shadows that billowed under every tree that seemed to follow us around as we passed by, and even with the sounds of wind, creatures & irony that lingered in the air… somehow it was still stone-cold silent.





The spot was perfect, but the kiddos were in danger of stepping in ant mounds that housed the largest red ants I’ve ever seen & touching cactuses that seemed to have been planted there on purpose many, many full moons ago. I had to keep an eye on them constantly because it felt like the settlers of this land secured the area with Mother Nature’s best army in order to enforce its protection even further, as if the haunting feeling wasn’t enough to scare anyone away. 


   I can relate, because not only do I always keep a close eye on my babies now regardless of the environment we’re in, I’d also be one to come back from the dead and haunt anyone who threatens my babies long after the day I die. I’d like to think of my eventual (unwilling) death as the birth of their new guardian angel, and the protector of the children they have of their own, and their children after that. I will be sitting atop Heaven’s throne with a staff in one hand and angel wings ready to go as my sole responsibility will always be to protect and watch over my children.



Now the fashion blogger in me can’t help but emphasize how cute the kids’ accessories were that day. Who out there has ever seen such perfectly structured bat clips and bow ties for little ones? They are so sturdy and made of such high quality that I was honestly stunned when they didn’t fall apart after my one year old son got his hands on them.



They were hand made and can be custom ordered at Mia Heartmade on Etsy, but she completley sold out! She has a bunch of other equally cute Halloween accessories as well as year round pieces that are to die for. To check out her entire handmade collection of unique baby accessories and bows, click here. If you know of or have a little princess of your own, grab a special bow now before the holiday season creeps up on you and you run out of time! 


The fox in socks was wearing just that, these Fox Socks in black from Little Trend Setter. They come in 3 colors and can fit on babies from the age of tummy time tenaciousness to the moment where they enter that lovely, back-talking preschool age.



Bat Bow Tie & Clip: Mia Heartmade. Giada’s Fox Socks: Little Trend Setters. Boots: Soda, similar here. Skirt: Disney, similar here & here. Marco’s Top: Kenneth Cole. Black Corduroy Pants: Ralph Lauren.

One other ironic note to add, Marco was watching from his stroller as we were advising Giada to point to the word ‘Daughter’ on the stone, and when it was his turn to come out he immediately walked right up and pointed at his father’s real birth name, John. It’s like this little baby can understand everything we’re saying even at the ripe age of 12 months. What I would give to be able to dig deep in the minds of children to uncover all the mysteries and chapters that are left blank in the book of psychology. 
💋 Graziella H.

[This post was sponsored by Mia Heartmade and Little Trend Setter]

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  1. Amen to that ! I totally agree with your husband…Pictures should portray a story or feeling.Lol how funny that we both like affordable fashion!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your costume is so majestic..I love how you went with something different but still beautiful.Btw your kids are just the cutest!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Graziella H. says:

      I appreciate that Juliany! I was aiming for that kind of feel, so I’m glad you can see that!


      1. I really love when people are different and not following the flow.You did an amazing job in doing this and turning it into something very pretty…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Graziella H. says:

        I agree completely, and I thank u so much for recognizing that ☺️ It makes me feel good knowing that the artistry I try to portray in my posts isn’t going unnoticed.


      3. Lol don’t worry it’s not…I’m very much like you in a way..I really like for my pictures to be beautiful and portray more than the clothes I wear.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Graziella H. says:

        Yes I can see, I’m following you back! I think it’s nice and shows the creative side (which is what blogging is all about) when there is a storyline or common thread that runs throughout the whole post, sort of like a mini story book. My husband always says a picture should tell a story, and my thoughts is a post should tell a story, not just a bunch of mumbo jumbo clutter with no value behind it. Even if the ‘story’ is just a feeling, as long as that feeling is evoked in readers, it serves a purpose and has meaning. Even when I’m just doing my regular fashion posts with just me in it, I always try to title it accordingly to set an expectation of what the images will be before even opening it up & seeing them. Oh, and if you didn’t notice, I’m all about affordable fashion, too! I change my clothes as much as I change my mind, so I own a LOT of things and I like to buy them at a realistic price since I know in a month or two I’m going to want something else. I have so many accessories, and only a select precious pieces are real diamonds and gemstones and I never wear them out. I’m much happier buying a lot of Target or H&M accessories vs real ones because to me accessories are temporary and should be changed often!


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