This Is A Man’s World

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Men. Where do I begin. How can I begin to describe the emotions that get stirred up inside me when I see my husband doing simple things. Getting ready, putting his watch on, shaving his face. Watching him build something, seeing him using a power tool, knowing there isn’t a thing in this world he can’t fix for me…
We’ve been together for 9 years now, and married for 4. But I still get butterflies every time Jack first walks in the door after a long day of work. And knowing that all that we have and the roof we live under is all because of him and the sacrifices he makes on a daily basis for his family makes me love him even more (as if that’s possible).

The masculinity of the male form and all the egotistical testosterone that accompanies it triggers a want within me, and it’s a natural feeling, of course. But the contrasting desires, and the way both male & female are so different yet compliment each other so perfectly brings recognition to how nature was the very first to conclude that opposites attract.

Just as the blend of both genders makes for the perfect match, the same applies to style. For me, mixing both menswear and the traditional feminine apparel is what sometimes sets the tone of individuality, and can make for the most beautiful outfit. I happen to love menswear.

Sometimes I raid my husbands closet and wear his jewelry instead of mine, his undershirts in lieu of a tank of my own, and his shirts when I don’t feel like wearing something skin tight.

Out of everything in my wardrobe, some of my favorite pieces are menswear. I always shop the men’s department, something about the roughness of it appeals to me. Like a man, the visual appearance & asthetics of menswear provides an edgy accompaniment to the soft and subtle look of womenswear. I’m especially obsessed with men’s jewelry. Their watches are gorgeous, and their necklaces are the perfect metallic tone.

I’ve had a cross dog tag necklace I bought over on the men’s side at Aldo for about 10 years, and it’s my all time favorite piece. I’ve worn it so much that I’m surprised it’s still in one piece.

By the way, have you checked out Guide Of Men’s Style on Instagram? They feature only the best of what menswear has to offer, & I was surprised to discover that I was the first woman to be featured on their page. My husband happens to love their feed, & for any male fashion lovers out there, I’m sure you will, too. 


Life can get kind of hectic with two babies running around and making a mess of the beautiful home I used to take great pride in maintaining, but I try my best to make it as warm & welcoming as possible for my husband every time he comes home. I found that the easiest way to make my home appear calm is to light some candles. Has anyone ever read the bottom label on some of the candles we buy at our local stores? “This product has been known by the state of California to contain ingredients that may cause birth defects.” What?? And I’m supposed to light those in my home? No thank you. I like sticking with the all natural stuff. Beeswax is my favorite.

I buy beeswax candles, soaps, and lip glosses along with any other skincare products on the regular. And on a side note, my best kept beauty secret is honey. Those bees are vital to our earth, incase any of you didn’t know. In addition to trying to remain all natural, I also love purchasing things that were handmade because it means they were made with love. Paula over at lands cents mastered the art of candle making, and if you don’t believe me just check out her website for yourself. Each candle is more than just a product to sell, they are a labor of love.
Sometimes, as life has it, my house won’t always be spotless. But I never go a day without trying to make my man feel comfortable when he comes home, especially after everything he does for both me and the kids. He works tirelessly both at his job and for my blog, always chips in on the house work, is a phenomenal cook, and does everything with such intent. He really is my Prince Charming, but if you were to tell him any of this he would modestly reject any recognition. He doesn’t believe he alone should take the credit for the success and great fortune we have been blessed to receive, although I disagree. He is an old soul who believes a marriage and parenting works both ways, both for the good and bad. And he does have a point.

As they say, this is a man’s world… But it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl. 

ShirtBKE. Watch: Guess.

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graziella H




[This post was brought to you by Landscent Candles]

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