Fashionista in the Making

To see my maternity photos when I was pregnant with Marco, click here.

I’ve had some people ask me why I never shared any of my maternity pictures when I was pregnant with Giada when I have some of Marco’s up. The truth is, I never really thought to. But since there are those who were curious to see I decided to post them here on my blog once and for all. I’ve also had question as to how I stay in shape after having two kids, but honestly I have no secrets. Other than a good pair of jeans… And genes. Chasing after these two rascals equates to completing a marathon at the end of each day, and between the kids, the household, answering emails, taking photos and keeping up with my blog I’m lucky if I have time to take a shower in peace.

It’s funny to see how far not only I’ve come as a mother, but Jack has come as a photographer over the past 3 1/2 years! I will love these pictures for the rest of my life and I hope Giada will, too.

graziella H