Giving Thanks

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Hi, readers! I’d like to start of by saying I have been so busy, yet BLESSED, this past week and am very excited to share all the great things that are ahead for Sweet Pea, Apple of my Eye. I have a few beautiful looks for you all coming up at the start of next week and extending throughout the holiday season, including another gorgeous creation from the Aisabobo line as well as a Dolce & Gabbana dress Giada will be featuring from Cloudo Kids. Even Marco will be making a guest appearance on the blog wearing two of their adorable tee’s, so you’ll have to stay tuned and be patient as I knock all these photo shoots (plus more) out.

As for me, I will be featuring two gorgeous looks from Arzella and some more from Rella Fashions Boutique, just to give you an idea. There is also a whole list of sponsors that will be a part of my home office/closet reveal post, but I am saving that for another time because it is a post all by itself! Continue reading to the end of this post because I will be sharing what the very next post will be that is currently in editing right now, and who I’ll be featuring… and it is a special one!

I’m also excited to announce some new companies that I’ll be partnering up with as their official ambassador, and I think you all will love what they have to offer, as I do very much. I will list a few of them for you towards the end of this post, but first I really wanted to share a few of my favorite things. This is the season of giving thanks after all, and the following things never fail to make me smile, and smiling is indeed something to always be thankful for:

1. Sam Edelman.

2. My mesh bangle & BookBook iPhone case.

3. iPhone graphics that make my phone as happy as all these make me.

4. My hot pink monogrammed Henri Bendel bag (that I’ve been saving for its own special post).

5. Dolce & Gabbana.

6. Armani Exchange.

7. Christian Lacroix.

8. Hang tags and all stationary goods.

9. My monogrammed mug (and the coffee in it!)

10. Bangles! Any kind, any style… I love them all!

So as promised, here is a list of some of the companies that I am excited to begin what I hope to be a long and lasting partnership with as their newest ambassador:

  1. Mirina Collections.
  2. Southern Cross Apparel (Jack is, too!)
  3. Bijou Candles.

Being an ambassador for these companies means I will be able to provide you all with exclusive discount codes for you guys to save anywhere from 10-20% on anything they offer, so please come back and keep in touch as you can benefit greatly!


Some of the additional sponsors in the line up for next month include:

  1. Monica Stalvang.
  2. NM Kids Boutique.
  3. Johnston Bags.

There is also a VERY special post in editing right now featuring the two What Would Kate Do beauty boxes & different style of princess rings they offer, and I will be wearing the most perfect Royal Blue Lace top from Jack & Monroe boutique, along with one of her beautiful statement necklaces. Both of these two companies are very near and dear to my heart, so I really hope you all will enjoy all the wonderful things I am honored to feature for them. Here is a sneak peak of their two princess rings from the shoot, I hope you all come back soon as this will be the very next post that goes live!

By the way, did you all know I was inducted as an official KNOMI Fashion Influencer? KNOMI is a new fashion discovery app that allows you to search, discover, collect and purchase all the world’s top designers in one awesome place. You can find me by downloading their app on your phone and searching my user name: GRAZIELLA. In there, I have curated a special cloud dedicated to Paris that has all the cutest Eiffel Tower tops.. Here’s two of their promo images, one they made just for me & one I made for them that they turned into an adorable  little gif video over on their Instagram page, click over to their profile and give them a follow. As you can see, I’ve collected A LOT of Alexander McQueen items as he is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE!!

Needless to say, I’ve been a very busy girl.. I can recall the days of working a 9-5 and hating life, thinking that things could never change, and now here I am putting into fact what was once fiction. It just goes to show that hard work really does pay off, and listening to your heart and chasing your biggest dreams is by far the best and most important thing anyone can do for themselves. I hope you all can take some time out today and give some recognition and thanks to the things that put a smile on your face, including those day dreams you get caught up in because if you stop and notice, I bet you that’s one of them. If this sounds right to any of you, I challenge you to take the first step… first towards finding what makes you happy, and then towards doing it. Just the first step, that’s all it takes.

graziella H




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  1. Love all of these bangles!!!!! And I might have to purchase that G mug 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Graziella H. says:

      Thank you!! And yes that G mug is definitely worth every penny! It’s so cute 😃😃😃

      Liked by 1 person

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