What Would Kate Do?

Have you ever wondered how the Duchess of Cambridge always looks so nice, no matter what? Even just after giving birth, she still stood there with her newborn and waved to the adoring crowd with her hair perfectly in place and skin remarkably glowing. Well, her secrets are out for all to know now because a company called What Would Kate Do found out all her beauty details and what’s more, boxed those products up for you and ships them out to your home. There are two boxes to chose from, a standard & a deluxe. The standard includes 6 beauty samples & the deluxe includes 6 plus a replica of that legendary sapphire wedding ring we all know and love.

These are the two different style replicas they have, one modeled exactly after the Princess’ with 14 sparkling stones surrounding the large sapphire and another with more bling and set in a 4 prong setting.

It took a lot for me not to tear those boxes open as soon as I saw them, but once I did I concluded that it was absolutely worth the wait, and I’ve been using those samples ever since.

These are the samples included in the deluxe box, their website has a whole list of Kate’s favorite products, and you can chose the ones you’d like or be pleasantly surprised like I was.

These were the samples in the standard box, equally as amazing just without the ring. My favorites out of them all (if I had to pick) were the Bobbi Brown lipstick in Sandwashed pink, the Karin Herzog face cream, & the Illuminum White Gardenia Petals perfume.

That ring though! It’s huge, beautiful and blinding! A true replica! And it went perfect with my Jack & Monroe Royal Blue Lace top & necklace.



In true Kate style, I paired it with nude pumps, simple makeup, and my hair half up/half down. I really couldn’t step away from my vanity all day, what started as a sampling of each product turned into an all day Kate affair, viewing all the memorabilia I had over and over again, teaching my daughter all about Princess Charlotte  and of course, stopping for tea time.

Top: Jack & Monroe. Necklace: Jack & Monroe. Pants: Guess. Shoes: Macy’s.

WWKD Basic Box: here.

WWKD Deluxe Box: here.

What a lovely gift these boxes would make for a Kate lover, I was so surprised to discover such a company existed. Now they’ve grown their Instagram following to include a whole new category, RepliKate, where you can find all the look alike outfits and styles Kate has been seen in. So they not only have her beauty covered, but her style now, too.

And if anyone is looking for the most trendy accessories and clothing, I highly suggest checking out Jack & Monroe. You know those women who seem to do it all and love helping other ladies out? Well that’s Mack over at Jack & Monroe. Her company’s message is to inspire and empower other women, and owning a boutique isn’t all she does. She provides personal shopping consultations, personal styling, and strives to make each and every woman feel confident and beautiful by providing them with extraordinary clothes. I love companies like that, and I’m so proud to have worked with both her and the wonderful people over at What Would Kate Do.

Visit their Instagram pages and show some love, they deserve it! WWKD_official, WWKD_replikate (just opened!) & JackandMonroe.

Don’t forget to visit their websites as well for amazing holiday gifting finds.

[This post was sponsored by What Would Kate Do and Jack & Monroe Boutique]

P.S. How ’bout that new signature, huh?! It was hand drawn by Miguel along with the creative direction of his wife over at Black Strawberry Collection. I’m doing a special post on them soon, but in the mean time feel free to send them a message for any of your own custom web graphic needs.

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