The Giggles: Making The Most Out of Parenthood

Parenthood means a lot of things, but one thing it means to me is having the ability to make your kids smile while also having a good time doing it…

Parenthood can mean a lot of things, but to me one thing it means is having the ability to make your kids smile and find ways to make it more enjoyable for you, too. Even during mundane and unpleasant activities, like say bath time, it’s important to make the best of it and turn any little frown upside down and the easiest way to do that is by making it fun. Using bath time toys like these Nuby ones is a big help. They occupy, satisfy and objectify all the water that gets into those baby eyes and prevents them from cranking up the scream factor by replacing it with a distraction of the giggles instead. It’s amazing to watch as they get older, because their imaginations take the reins and all of the sudden seemingly simple bath toys turn into massive underwater adventures as they take on lives of their own.

Any chance I get to have the kids utilize that precious childhood imagination that, in hindsight, wears off far too soon is one I always take. And anytime I can make my kids smile, it’s a win for me. Parenthood is a million things wrapped into one, but laughter is on the very top of that list.

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  1. Love the photos! What camera/lens do you use?

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    1. Graziella H. says:

      Thanks! I use a Nikon D3200 with a 50ml Nikor lens 👍🏻

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    2. Graziella H. says:

      50mm I meant lol!

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  2. whitecamellias says:

    Adorable baby and great pics.

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