Baby Registry Essentials

My top 6 items and why I love them…




 1. Swaddles come in so handy during those first few weeks. They always kept my babies warm and snug, leaving me with nothing to worry about as I laid them on their back to sleep every night. They also helped cut down on the startle reflex, allowing them to sleep for longer stretches of time.

2. A double stroller. No mystery here! It’s not that Marco can’t walk anymore, the problem is he runs! Everywhere! I can’t keep him contained for one second, and I know it’s gonna be hard to hold on to a newborn, watch over a preschooler and keep my hands on him as well. This stroller just seems like a dream! I can put both babies in there tied up so they can’t run away, and it has plenty of room to store things like rattles, bottles and even my bag to help any day trips go by smoothly.

3. A rattle blankie. They serve doubly! They make noise when baby is bored and wants to play, then acts as a cuddable blanket when they’re ready to drift off for a cat nap.

4. Infant shoes to die for. Just because, really. Each one of my kids has a memorable pair of first shoes that I store away in their memory box forever, and they are both equally adorable. I always thought a babies first shoes were the most important, so I picked these mini boat shoes for Johnny.

5.Nuby bottles. They really are the best! They come in easy to assemble designs with simply two pieces so you don’t have to juggle a million parts out of the dishwasher to feed your crying baby, make a clicking noise to signal you’re in the clear, and are the only bottles and sippy cups I’ve ever used that don’t spill when dropped (or thrown by baby) all around.

6. Sweat pants. It’s hard to tell what size your baby will be in the future being that they grow so quickly and can not look right or fit into much of anything at certain stages. I love having little drawstring sweatpants around for Marco because they are always a guaranteed fit and make for the most comfortable pants for him to run around, play and climb in.

graziella H

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  1. rcollab says:

    Love theses post, they are so helpful!

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  2. Great choices !! Such an exciting time !!!

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