Strawberry & Banana ‘Sick Day’ Smoothie


giada hannan for Nuby USA

Nuby USA is teaming up with Babies R Us the whole month of March to kick off March Mealtime Madness. Their goal is to teach moms and caregivers new & simple ways to incorporate more healthy choices into their child’s diet, and they’re hosting lots of special events at different Babies R Us’ all over the country to help spread the word. One of the healthy recipes you can find in their new campaign is this one right here, a dairy & gluten free, kid-approved smoothie that’s perfect for building up those little immune systems. Get the recipe to Giada’s Strawberry & Banana ‘Sick Day’ Smoothie here…


There are several things I hate…

I hate the Zika virus.

I hate roaches.

I hate ignorance.

But most of all, I hate seeing my kids sick.

My 3.5 year old picky eater constantly makes it hard for me to find healthy foods that she’ll actually eat, making a speedy & nutritious recovery even more difficult.

Oh sure, she’ll eat her gummy bear vitamins alright, but it ends there. Everything else worthy of any nutritional value has to be craftily disguised or skillfully sneaked by in order for her to get it down, which is why this fruit & veggie smoothie is a very important one in our house. It’s written down in my coveted book of ‘Recipes to Remember’ and we even have a special name for it: Giada’s Sick Day Smoothie!

It’s an immunity boosting smoothie with some veggies snuck in that she can’t taste and actually loves… and that doesn’t happen too often.

There’s no dairy in this smoothie, dairy of any kind makes a cold and congestion worse so I use water instead, or you can just use O.J. if you’d like to give it that extra serving of vitamin C (even though it’s a water soluble vitamin and too much at once is no better than 100%). This is a completely healthy, dairy & gluten free smoothie any kid would love.


1-2 large carrots, peeled and chopped 

1 apple peeled, cored and chopped

1 banana

1 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries

1/2-2/3 cup of water (or O.J) 


Blend the fruit and veggies together first, then add in the water or O.J. and blend until smooth or the consistency you like. If you’re using fresh strawberries vs frozen ones, you might want to add in a few ice cubes.

Days like this are miserable, even moreso for the parent than the sick child. All you can do is try your best to make your baby happy… bunker down in the bedroom with their favorite blanket, favorite movies, a box of tissues and an ice cold smoothie for that fever, and let the Sick Day commence.

Nuby recently sent me this thermos and it has been a lifesaver, especially for this purpose. She can lay down with it, let it fall off the bed while drifting off for a cat nap, sip the smoothie out of the built in straw it has and simply close the lid shut when she’s done, and the whole time it never leaked a drop, really! It also helped keep her Sick Day smoothie cold long enough for her to keep going back for more in between giving her queasy tummy a rest, ensuring she gets every last drop down.

This past month has been one chronic theme of sickness, everyone’s been sick in one way or another and it seems like we just can’t catch a break!

Aside from my terrible morning sickness and this seemingly undefeatable cough & cold my kids passed along to me, I found out at my last prenatal visit that I have placenta previa, only adding to the enormous amount of worry and stress I already have. I was scheduled for a C-section anyways, but the fear and anxiety it’s causing me is scaring me half to death (I guess I shouldn’t use that term lightly anymore). My sister-in-law had it and ended up needing several blood transfusions after having her baby, and the baby suffered from a stroke during labor. Even though I know I’ll be fine if I just take it easy and not exert myself during the last trimester, the fear of spotting keeps creeping into my dreams at night and is making it hard to sleep.

So overall, it’s been a sick Hannan house, but a peaceful one at the same time. It’s funny how being sick leaves you with no other choice but to sit back and rest, allowing you to realize that this rest and relaxation was long overdue and the lack of it beforehand is probably the biggest contributor to the current state of crappiness you find yourself in. It’s been kind of nice lounging around together in our most comfy socks, under the humidifier and over a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup while we watch re-runs and Food Network marathons. It’s not fun being sick, but it is fun to cuddle up with my love bugs under one huge blankie and recover with them.


This post was brought to you by Nuby.

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