Luxe For Less

As Coco Chanel says, the best things in life are free and the second best… very expensive. It’s great to save up and invest in pricey pieces that your heart desires, but for the times when it’s just not in the budget I’m sharing 3 different ways I get designer items on a dime…



  1. Luxury Mavins

Luxury Mavins is an online retailer specializing in pre-loved designer goods, mainly from only the biggest designers like Valentino, Hermes & Chloe and they allow you the option to either buy at a huge discount or place on layaway to invest a little bit each month towards, while still ultimately getting the huge savings. They consign & resell luxury bags, accessories & shoes and all of their inventory is hardly used, a 9-10/10 quality, on trend and really affordable considering the full retail price of these designer items. You can also make some money if you want to consign with them, their cut is only 20% so you will still make the most. To see their consignment policy and the items they usually take in to resell, click here. This black Chanel bag was 70% off, an overall total of $1,750 savings! Here are some of the other things from Luxury Mavens that I’d love to own…






2. Rocksbox

How many times have you went out and bought an accessory you had to have, wore it out for a week straight then threw it in the back of your closet and wished it never to be seen again? I never went out and bought expensive accessories because I knew I’d want to keep changing it up, and in a few months I’ll be over it and ready for something new. Rocksbox combined the best of both worlds for me, they switched up my jewelry wardrobe monthly and always with real designer jewelry, while keeping their cost at only $19/mo! Every month I get pleasantly surprised and greeted with the prettiest box, so perfectly packaged and cheerful with my name right on top, and inside are all the new choices of designer pieces for me to wear for the month. Like Birchbox… on steroids. Each box comes with a shipping label so its free shipping both ways and whenever you want to switch things out it’s as simple as walking to your mailbox and putting up the flag. You’re even able to request your favorite pieces by commenting on any of their Instagram pictures of what you want with the word “wish list”, it’s as easy as that!

The graziellahannanxoxo code just got extended for another 3 months so if you use it, you can try Rocksbox for yourself completely free for the first month. If you do, let me know, I’d love to hear what you thought of them!


3. Bag Borrow or Steal

This place I absolutely just love. Just as I tire of my jewelry, the same goes for my bags. It bothers me if I have a certain bag or color in mind I want to have but can’t get it without spending $5,000-$7,000, especial if it’s only for a one time, special event. Bag Borrow or Steal revolutionized the way I style my outfits, they give me access to any dream bag I want at a price I can afford. So if I’m feeling in a yellow mood, or in a LV mood, I can rent that exact bag for pennies on the dollar and use it as much as my heart desires for 30 days, then ship it right back (free shipping both ways!) while still having the thousands of dollars left in my pocket. They consign and sell as well, renting is only 1/3 of their service. And they send you special deals and discounts nearly every day, it really is one of my favorite companies to use. Right now for today only they’re having a 30% off all Celine bags in their inventory!

So there you have it, 3 ingenious companies that have saved my wallet hundreds & thousands of dollars!

Brought to you by Luxury Mavins, Rocksbox & Bag Borrow or Steal.

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