Cookie Monster: 3 Perfect Cereals for Toddler Snacking

Here’s 3 great options for your little one’s snack feeder!



Back before I started this blog, I used to blog about kid meals in a blog named Giada Eats! It all started by taking photos Giada’s cutely decorated meals and it was a lot of fun doing, so with the combination of an old foodie at heart like myself and a partnership with Nuby, doing toddler food posts like this is a dream. It’s still only one aspect of this new blog of mine, but an enjoyable one nonetheless!

I love snack feeders! They act as a toy plus help curb little ones appetite until next mealtime, and I’ve tried loads of different cereals and snacks to put inside of them. I picked my kid’s favorite 3, but there’s many more not mentioned here.

First of all I’m all for cereal. They are loved by kids of all ages, and adults too! My favorite pregnancy breakfast as of late is a big bowl of yummy fruit loops with my kiddos nearby who love to run up and grab a spoonful of their favorite colored loops. Cereals are fantastic because even though a lot are laced with sugars, they are all equally full of vitamins that my kids wouldn’t otherwise consume if it weren’t disguised in these delicious tiny bites.

Marco & Giada fight over this Nuby Monster Feeder! They think it’s hilarious to grab a piece from inside and watch it pop out of the monster’s mouth. Out of all the things I’ve put in there, these are their top 3 faves:

Cheerios. The one and only cheerio, a classic. For some reason, all kids love these little O’s and they can eat as much as they want without my supervision. They’re also a gluten free cereal, so cheerios isn’t only your baby’s first finger foods, they’re basically a universally delicious go-to snack for people of all ages.

Cookie Crisp Cereal. Tiny little chocolate chip cookies, how ingenious! They think they’re getting away with murder by eating these for breakfast, unknowingly consuming vitamins vs a dessert. Plus it makes them appreciate their milk much more because everyone knows how well cookies and milk go together!

Belvita Biscuit Bites. These mini delectables pack 20 grams of whole grains per serving, along with 10% thiamin, niacin, riboflavin & vitamin B6. Factor in the 4g of protein and how they appeal to children by coming across as perfect little chocolate cookies, these mini breakfast biscuits are always in stock in my pantry. I love how they come in little individual bags, too. It makes it easy to grab and go if ever on the road and in need of a snack to appease the kids in the car during an early morning errand run.

It’s still March Mealtime Madness for Babies R Us & Nuby, and together both companies along with their brand reps (like me) continue to share plenty of healthy eating tips for parents everywhere. The goal is to inform and educate parents of both hearty eaters and picky nibblers alike, and in addition to the abundance of insight parents can gain on their social media networks Nuby generated yet another quick-look graphic to help aid parents in making mealtime just as fun as it is healthy. So here are some more great tips for all you parents out there, I hope you get inspired to go out and try some new and fun things to give to your little one tonight!

I hope everyone’s having a great week so far, stop by again to see my 1 year old’s favorite PB&J smoothie post next!

graziella H

{This post was brought to you by Nuby.}

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  1. mtetar says:

    Thank you for sharing as well as for stopping by my blog today and clicking the Like Button. Blessings Always, Mtetar

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  2. I wish I would have seen this when little grandson was younger. The Nuby Monster is adorable!!

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  3. This is the cutest post ever ! Love it !

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