PB&J Oatmeal Smoothie

My Toddler’s Favorite Smoothie.



A couple deals and promos are going on with Nuby at Babies R Us, here’s the scoop:

*Up until March 31st, all Nuby sippy cups and feeding items are buy one get one 50% off at BabiesRus.com, and that’s only place you can find the entire range of Nuby stainless steel cups like this one perfect for keeping drinks cold for up to 6 hours! It’s also equipped with their patented No-Spill spout (and trust me, no leakage once or ever) and is super easy to assemble with just two simple pieces and a loud ‘click’ once locked into place.

*Nuby just launched their Stage 2 Busy Sipper cup, the most adorable range of cups starting at only $4.99 and that are also buy one get one 50% off. That’s only $2.50 for a second cup and anyone who knows Nuby knows that’s a steal!

I’ve got another March Mealtime Madness recipe for you, once again brought to you by my favorite baby necessity brand, Nuby! First I have to say that Nuby, along with Babies R Us, is doing such a great job with their mealtime campaign and incase you guys didn’t know, there’s some BIG sales going on at Babies R Us so it’s a great idea to take advantage of them while they last!

Today I’m sharing another smoothie recipe [view the 1st one here]. They’re a hit with kids (whom I tell is ice cream in a cup…it works every time) but this one I happen to love myself, too. Since all current card members of the parenthood club already know one of the biggest challenges we face is feeding our kids healthy yet desirable food, I’m sharing this recipe in hopes that it might help some other folks out there. This smoothie is made with NO jelly but tastes exactly like a PB&J. Here’s how I do it…


1 banana

1/4 cup of creamy peanut butter

A palmful of oats

1/2 cup of apple juice

1 cup of your favorite frozen berries (we used a blend of grapes, blueberries & raspberries)


Blend everything but the oats together, then blend in the oats last until just combined. Pour in a thermos mug like this one for little ones, or a big tall glass for yourself. Oh, and don’t forget the pretty straw.

Maybe the reason why I’ve been on a smoothie kick is because I’m utterly in love with my Ninja Blender. If any of you are still using the old fashioned ones that leave you pausing to scrape the sides of the pitcher down all the time, I really suggest investing in a Ninja.

But whatever you use to make your finger-licking good drink will still leave you craving more after this concoction is devoured. After all, who doesn’t love a PB&J!!

Bon Appetite!

This post was brought to you by Nuby.

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