This Week’s Beauty Buys + Review

So it happened… I went to Walgreens to pick up some diapers & milk and came home with all of these. I mentioned in my last makeup post this always happens to me, and I wasn’t kidding. Since I got a really good response on that last one I decided to share what I think of my new buys again. Here’s what I got this week and what I think of them…


John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Spray: I go through a lot of hair products and considering how pricey some of the ones worth your money can be, I always start with a sample size to test it out first. I really like this spray, I will definitely go back and get the full sized bottle once I run out! It’s meant to be sprayed on damp roots before blowing out. It actually did give me volume boost and more importantly, it didn’t dry sticky or stiff. Most of these root lifters end up drying as if I sprayed my roots directly with hair spray but not this one. My hair was still very soft and easy to run my fingers through, a win in my book!

Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream: I’m actually shocked at my overall opinion of this cream! If you read my last beauty post you’d know how much I love Revlon and their entire Photoready line, I’m also a huge fan of BB creams so this looked like it would be my new go-to, no questions asked, but it’s not. My favorite BB cream is by Garnier and I guess it’s gonna stay that way, this one looked blotchy and too sheer an hour after applying. It also left my skin really sticky, so I think it may have too much lotion in it’s formula for my combination skin.

L’oreal True Match LUMI Foundation: I love this one! It leaves my face smooth, and the perfect combination of dewy & matte. It also lasts all day, I’m glad I got this!

Elf Shadow Crease Brush: I was attracted to the shape of the brush, and for only $1, I didn’t even think twice about throwing it in the cart. It’s the perfect size brush for making a perfect crease, much better than the wider one I used before.

So overall this week was a pretty good purchase week considering money well wasted (I mean spent), because only one of them am I not too thrilled about. I’ll be sure to post again about my next trip down the makeup isle, hopefully next time it will be a 10/10!

Peace, Love & Lipstick Kisses


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  1. beautybymoe says:

    Hey hun, where did you buy the e.l.f crease brush? I can’t find them at CVS 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Graziella H. says:

      I got it at Walgreens! The link should take you to where you can buy it online, I love it.


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