Giada’s Polka Dots 


Top: Sold out, similar style here. Skirt: Old Navy, an even cuter version here. ScarfLil Rocket Co. Sandals: Faded Glory. Sunnies: LTS.

Happy hump day! While I don’t work in an office doing the typical 9-5, I still very much appreciate the forthcoming of a good hump day😝. Oh dear Wednesday, half the week done & only a couple more days to go before daddy gets to stay home and help momma out with the kids all day long! Sure, I still might get the “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” question on repeat… x’s 2 (soon enough… 3), but having Jack at home is a BIG help… and I’m talking b-i-g, as in the Empire State Building big, lol! 

Here are some pics of the last time we were at the lake, the weather has been so beautiful and I wish it would stay this way forever! Perfect scarf weather. Today I’m off to do my glucose test (that nasty drink… Ugh) and I also get to schedule my C section so I’ll know exactly when baby’s birthday will be! Hope everyone has a wonderful day, I’ll be sure to post a baby update on Instagram later! 


Thanks to Lil Rocket Co. for sponsoring this post! 

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  1. Kymz Logic says:

    So cute! Love it and she is a great little model 🙂

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  2. She is just too cute!

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  3. Such a cute outfit and what an adorable model.

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  4. Totally adorable ! Love it !

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