Florida Life


Dress: Seraphine Maternity. Bag: Johnston Bags. Shoes: Chinese Laundry.

May in Florida might as well be July, it’s so unbearably hot and humid. It gets breezy and cool once in a blue moon, but overall we’ve pretty much started summer around here. I’ve been wearing this dress like crazy because it’s made of jersey knit material so it feels cool and airy no matter what. Something about wearing super soft t-shirt material all day makes me feel all warm & cozy on the inside, but cool and comfy out! It’s another Seraphine dress, I love the nautical look to it & the gold anchor buttons too, perfect for Florida life.

This past weekend was a productive one, I finally got around to taking my butt over to the hair salon. I’ve been needing a complete trim for months now, especially with all this humid weather making my head look like a frizz ball. So I took Giada with me to the hair salon for her first time and it turned out to be the most fun we’ve ever had together. She loved getting her hair done like an adult and felt so special sitting in that big chair for a blow out at mommy’s salon. It’s one of those very memorable times we shared that I’ll cherish forever, and I hope she does too and remembers that day when she gets older.

It’s Tuesday already and I have so much still to do this week. I feel like the baby is going to be here in the blink of an eye and I’m gonna be totally unprepared. There’s so much stuff I have to cross off my to-do list this week and it’s flying by, I think maybe it’s part of the nesting feeling that’s starting to come into play.

I hope everyone had a great weekend😍


This post was sponsored by Johnston Bags and Seraphine Maternity, winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, 2015.

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  1. houtshi says:

    Beautiful! I actually recently found out a local businesses directory which shows top rated local businesses including top hair salons in your city, it’s named Pajix , this is their website http://www.pajix.com , I found my hair stylist on there, you can read other customers reviews, check location and hair salons prices and then book your appointments online! It’s really convenient


  2. Daniela Soriano says:

    You look really, really beautiful, you’re glowing!!


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    1. Graziella H. says:

      Thank you so much girl!!

      Liked by 1 person

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