The Perfect Maternity/Nursing Top





This awesome top is from Figure 8 Maternity and it’s double function! It’s a maternity tank plus nursing top (did you notice?) It comes in a bunch of different colors like:

Ink Blue (Pictured) • Turquoise • Black Lilac Purple • Khaki • & a Rosie Taupe

Each time I’ve been pregnant, there was always that one piece I wore over and over again, and this time it’s this top. I even fish it out of the laundry basket sometimes because it’s just an ultimate go-to top. Especially now in the summer, it’s really lightweight, cool and has built in support so I don’t have to wear a bra (even though these milk factory boobies still need one, lol). I like the width of the straps and how they can be adjusted, and I also really appreciate the ruched sides, it makes it flattering for any stage of belly growth and is a perfect fit even at 40 weeks. It’s a dual use tank, great for a baby belly and even better afterwards because if you look closely you can see the top half folds up for breast feeding, making it a breeze to nurse anytime both comfortably and discreetly.

It’s made of a material called lyocell, have you ever heard of it? Well I haven’t before now but now that I know, I’m seriously in love with it, It’s very similar to the softness & feel of jersey knit but stretchy and very forgiving. Lyocell is a cellulose fiber made from eucalyptus, and an interesting fact about it is that it’s grown in sustainably managed forests where the cultivation only requires 5% of the water used in traditional cotton farming and 99% of the chemicals are continually recycled, reducing waste and pollution tremendously. It’s also been tested for harmful substances by Oeko-Tex and that always helps put an expecting Momma’s mind at ease. But bottom line is, it’s extremely comfortable and always cool to the touch on a hot day. Check, check!

It’s my perfect maternity layering piece this time around. And honestly, who wouldn’t love a double function tank top? It’s literally two in one- maternity & nursing– so hello monies saved!

This place has so many maternity outfits that I go crazy filling up my shopping cart with. Tons of maternity dresses, nursing tops & even matching mommy & newborn outfits!

Here are some coupon codes to use on their clothes!

$20 off select 2 dresses coupon

$15 off any two bottoms coupon

$20 off any two nursing loungewear items coupon

You can view all the rest of Figure 8’s special deals and promo codes going on right now right here! There’s a whole list of ’em. I hope you find your next favorite piece to style your bump like I did, it sure makes life a lot easier when you have that one piece you can always count on that looks good on when you’ve never felt so big!

graziella H

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*This post was sponsored by  Figure 8 Maternity.

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  1. You are so cute and pretty!!!Love it


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