Currently Craving: Funfetti Crescent Rolls

My daughter came across this recipe on Pinterest. Yes, even she- at only 4 years old- can fall victim to the black hole of Pinterest. So, as Giada would have it, an immediate demanded was prompted for it to be on the menu that day (after threenager comes what…?). I knew she was insistent on this one so I had better get it done, but as usual I was worried I wasn’t gonna have all the fancy ingredients it takes to make many of these Pinterest concoctions, meaning I’d ultimately have to tell her no. And prepare for a hurricane. Cat 5.


But surprisingly it was one of those easy food hack recipes; just a few simple ingredients and you’re on your way. Way to go, Giada- Good choice! These crescent rolls were also a great recipe to have the kids help out with in the kitchen, so an activity plus a snack all rolled up into one (no pun intended). Perfect, so I can roll this pregnant ass back to rest afterwards.



To get the recipe for these Funfetti Crescents, click here. They’re delicious and addicting, filled with cream cheese and hints on vanilla.

I have to talk about this happiness-inducing little tea towel. I got two different ones for Mother’s Day and I think they’re too stinkin’ cute & worth mentioning. There’s always a towel hanging from my stove, I love collecting different monochrome statement towels so Jack knew I would really love these. I found them on Zulily by Primitive Designs by Kathy. 

So there’s my current pregnancy craving, anything sweet & easy to whip up is perfect these days. I’m in the very last days of my third & final pregnancy and the fatigue is hitting me more than the so-called nesting instinct. Why couldn’t I get the better end of the bargain, ugh. I’ve been feeling like a big rolly-polly bum and counting down the days until I can meet my little boy… all while munching on a sweet treat in my mouth, lol. I have been having contractions frequently and so much pressure that it’s hard to even stand up straight. With my other two, my water broke, so these symptoms are all new to me believe it or not. I just hope it doesn’t last that much longer, I am so ready! I have a “What’s In My Hospital Bag” post coming up next that I think all you pregnant mommas out there will really appreciate, the second and third time around is so much different and there’s tons of things I have to say about what’s necessary and what’s completely ridiculous to pack. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, maybe before next post I’ll get to announce his arrival on Instagram!

Crossing my fingers!

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  1. lfish64 says:

    Crescent rolls are a weakness of mine. Great idea!

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  2. thegirlthatdreamsawake says:

    OH boy! DAM YOU PINTEREST!!!! 🙊😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Graziella H. says:

      Lol tell me about it!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh yummy my boys would love these actually so would I 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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