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I’ve been blessed with happy babies that never cry much, until Johnny was born. Don’t get me wrong he’s a happy baby, and he doesn’t cry much… If I’m holding him. The second I put him down the wailing would start, and shortly after that the whining from the other two kids would commence since I couldn’t go and deliver my promised attention to them. Even when it was just Johnny and I awake in the house, I still couldn’t do anything without holding him. And I mean NOTHING. That boy can  s c r e a m.

One day at around week 2, I was trying to change Marco’s messy toddler blow-out diaper and as I was using all my might to keep him from flipping over and jumping off the changing table, the baby was screaming in the background. Not because he was hungry or needed to be changed himself, but because I put him down for a second… that’s all. I was this close to going crazy until my daughter walked in and said, “…Mommy, why don’t you try using that baby backpack thingy the mailman brought you?” -That baby backpack thing being this Beluga baby wrap, AKA the ultimate life saving secret of the universe for mothers around the globe- no joke!

What a little genius. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh, I know why. It’s because I was 2 weeks deep into a sleep deprived delerea with a gash on my abdomen, a baby permanently attached to my boob, and a bad case of cabin fever combined with parenthooditis that completely hijacked all logic from my already declining cognition. Simple thoughts like those escape me baby, sorry.

I put Johnny in it and the crying came to a screeching halt. For the first time since the baby was born, I could go about my daily tasks with both hands and not hear crying in the background. I concluded at that very instant baby wearing is the best gift ever invented for moms, especially moms raising more than 1 baby at a time. I then thanked the heavens for my daughter’s juvenile insight on what was such common sense in the first place because it was what legitimately saved me from going insane. My only regret was not doing it sooner, and with this Beluga baby wrap I very well could’ve because it’s meant to carry newborns all the way up to 30lb. toddlers.

I spent that day cooking, cleaning and playing with Legos and building blocks with my other two kids. Then just a couple days ago I decided to officially end the newborn seclusion stage and leave the house, I got all dressed up for the first time in a month and my accessory for the day was none other than Johnny himself, all bundled up in my comfy and stylish baby wrap. I’ve been living in this thing, seriously!

It’s been hotter than hell here in Florida, and while I know heat has covered most of the country, the humidity is the worst part of Florida summers and it’s what bothers me the most. The idea of wrapping myself in anything plus carry a warm baby on my chest just seems crazy, but fortunately I have the perfect wrap for the calling. From going out to just hanging around the house, I wouldn’t chose any other wrap because this is the only one I found made of such breathable & lightweight material. It’s a bamboo fabric and really stretchy, it almost feels like I’m wearing nothing at all. It’s also really easy to put on and that’s important because I always got confused with the other wraps I tried before. You would think I’d be a pro at baby wearing by now but the truth is I never did it that much with my other two. It wasn’t until I suddenly found myself with three babies and not enough hands to take care of all of them at once that I discovered just how convenient baby wearing really is.

And wouldn’t you know, baby wearing has so many other perks besides saving the mother from going nutty? Turns out wearing your baby during the first 36 days cuts down on crying by 46%, and moms notice a 56% less difference in crying at night time hours. Also, moms who wear their babies are 2x’s more likely to successfully breastfeed. Carrying your baby is a very natural extension of pregnancy, it aids in the bonding process and is proven to have many emotional & developmental benefits for your child. Reflux is cut down during the first 12 weeks when carried upright for a good half hour after feedings, and since 75% of daytime SIDS cases involve a baby who was left alone in a crib or bassinet, it reduces the chance of that happening to you. With baby carrying, you can keep your baby close when they’re napping instead of putting them down in their room while you go about your daily business. Those heavy duty structured carriers are great for long trips out, but they can also be way too heavy and uncomfortable. I always grab my Beluga baby wrap because it’s perfect for everyday use such as a quick trip to the grocery store, lunch with friends or even just carrying Johnny around the house all day. I’ll save my larger Bjorn structured carrier for demanding physical/outdoor activities, but other than on those rare occasions I wouldn’t switch this wrap up for anything because it does the best job in supporting baby all day long and never making me feel like he’ll wiggle out.

So far parenting three has been quite the experience. Some days I wonder what all the fuss is about and others I feel as if I’m on the brink of a mental breakdown. But if I had to give advice to any other moms in a similar position, it would be to wear your baby. That, next to feeding your baby before they cry, are the golden tickets to parenting with ease.

You can browse all the different color options the Beluga baby wrap comes in here. My favorite part about this brand is the organic, subtle shades they use and the bamboo material it’s made of, making it easy to match anything you’re wearing. They also have detailed instructional videos for both of the different ways you can carry your baby, and easy access to customer service and answers to any questions you may have by getting on their Instagram page. (You can also check out common FAQ’s for baby wearing here).

I’m so obsessed with this baby wrap and stand by it so much so that I want you to try it for yourself! Right now you can apply a 10% off discount code at checkout by entering in “Graziella”. If anyone buys one, let me know what you think of it!


* This post was sponsored by Beluga Baby.

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  1. thegirlthatdreamsawake says:

    how gorgeous 🙂


  2. Angela Kim says:

    It’s been hot as hell here in So. Cal too and Baby D too, cries his head off every time I put him down and he is only two weeks old. I have the boba baby wrap I got as a gift but that thing is so long i still haven’t figured out how to use it. I like your wrap and the print. It looks lighter too. I guess it’s a good idea to experiment with it so I can begin wearing him too. You look great mama! So how long was your home confinement for? I hit two weeks tomorrow and am figuring out how much longer I should do this for. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Graziella H. says:

      Yes this wrap is super light weight and I only had to watch the video once to figure out how to use it, it’s pretty simple! I was at home for a month and a week pretty much besides dr appointments (a lot of those) and a couple trips to get diapers and milk real quick. It was starting to get really old! Plus I have a 2 door car and couldn’t leave with all 3 kids anywhere because they wouldn’t fit. We finally learned that the law permits my 4 year old to sit up front with a booster seat if the air bag is turned off so now we can finally commute as a little tribe, but I’ll still feel better about it once I trade my car in for a bigger option sometime before Xmas. You look like you’re having a lot of fun in confinement! You definitely had the right idea taking daily photos and documenting his first days home, it makes the time pass by quicker and reminds you how worth it it is! One day you’ll look back and wish to relive this month ☺️


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