How To Increase Your Milk Supply

I’m back with another installment for Breastfeeding Awareness month and today I’m talking about how to increase your milk supply naturally. I’d say almost every nursing mom hits a road bump and either runs a little low, or at least thinks she does so here are some helpful tips to getting that liquid gold back in stock.

Have you guys ever heard of going on a “Nursing Vacation”? Well get your naked baby & Boppy pillow ready because this is the best way to get that milk flowin’ again.

|Nursing Pajama Set: Figure 8 Maternity|

A nursing vacation is when you take a whole day and bunker down with your baby. You dedicate a full 24 hours to your little one and nurse on demand continuously. Strip your baby down to a diaper because skin-to-skin not only promotes lactation but also encourages babies to eat, then sit down with your favorite TV series on Netflix because you’ll be there all day. Have your boppy pillow close by, your pump ready to go, a tray of healthy snacks within arms reach and plenty of water to drink for the day.

Go on a nursing vacation while implementing these three following steps and you’ll be on your way to making more milk in no time…

You can try every trick in the book but being that I’ve been down this road quite a bit before, I happen to know the only things that actually work. There are 3 main factors that will have a direct impact on your milk production, and they are:

1- Nursing on Demand.

2- Pumping All The Time.

3- Eating and Drinking Enough.

These are the most effective ways to get your milk supply back up. Nursing on demand speaks for itself, the only way you’ll make more is if you nurse more, and the more you nurse the better the results will be. There really is no substitution for this one, but there is something you can do in addition that’ll really spike your supply, which is: pumping. Pump for 1-2 minutes before you nurse, not just after. Why? Because not even the best pumps can express milk like a baby can, so get the easy going stuff out first, then have the baby work out the hind milk that the pump can’t get to. Just be sure not to pump too much, save most of it for the baby. After the baby is done eating, March right back over to your handy dandy pump and do it again, only this time longer. Much longer. There’s also something called “power pumping” and that’s when you pump for 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, for one hour. Doing this alone won’t produce as good of results though.

It may sound silly, but eating and drinking enough is something new moms sometimes forget to do. Breastfeeding burns up anywhere from 350-500 calories a day on its own, and when baby is actively eating it burns up even more. Minus the calories your body needs for itself, and even more if you’re still in the process of healing. You’ll notice that if you haven’t eaten a snack for a while or skipped breakfast, you’ll be running on E. This has happened to me a lot, it’s shocking how much milk your body will stop making just because you forgot to eat one simple meal that day. A good rule of thumb is to eat a snack and have a glass of water every time you’re nursing baby.

Keep in mind that what you eat and drink makes a difference, too. Some of the foods that help with milk production are oatmeal, salmon, nuts, fennel seeds and carrots. As far as what to drink, water will be your best friend. Stick to lots and lots of H2O, and treat yourself to a cup of tea in between that’s meant to help with lactation.

Birds and Bees Teas recently sent me some of their best selling teas to sample which are made just for moms in all stages of motherhood, so when I ran into this problem when I first started supplementing I gave their Our Lady of La Leche tea a try. It has ingredients that are known to help aid in lactation, and the best part about them is the extensive research they put into the making each of their teas and which ingredients are best for that certain blend in particular. All of their 9 teas are hand-blended and loose leaf, and they’re all meant to help with a variety of different stages in motherhood (i.e., Peaceful Pregnancy tea, Family Immunity, Milk Be Gone tea, and even a Ripe N’ Ready tea for those last days of pregnancy when you’ll try almost anything to induce labor).

So back to that nursing vacation. Get comfy, put those 3 steps into action and make a day out of it. I promise it’ll be the fastest (and most relaxing) way to getting your baby’s food back in stock and off back order. [A quick note about my nursing pajama set… It was a gift from the awesome folks over at Figure 8 and I gotta say, it’s the most comfortable 3 piece bamboo set in the universe. The snaps make nursing so easy and the pants fit great even though they’re meant to wear with a bump, so it’s a really good investment for a transitional piece.]

Well, with only a week left in August, I have one more post left pertaining to Breastfeeding Awareness month so stay tuned. I hope this post help shed some light for inquiring minds, put yo feet up and soak in the pleasantry of a vacation with just you and the love of your life for a whole day.

*This post was sponsored by Birds and Bees Teas.

Special thanks to Figure 8 Maternity for the lovely gift of comfort on a Nursing Vacation day. ❤️

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  1. Angela Kim says:

    You look fabulous while you’re nursing! You inspire me to get off my lazy butt, put on some make up and nurse in style. lol. It’s been a little over two weeks, I think I’ll slowly go back to myself. Thanks for the tips on keeping up my milk supply. I’m not pumping in between feedings because I don’t think I have enough and it’s been a struggle to keep up my supply. I produced so much with my first and with my third, I’m producing just enough–not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. How is that tea working for you?


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