Sound Asleep with Owlet



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When I say ‘sound asleep’ you probably think I’m talking about the baby, right? Well, not this time! This post isn’t about getting baby to sleep soundly, instead it’s about allowing you to sleep like a baby for once. And let’s be honest, you need it. To all of you with a new baby: raise your hands if sleeping with a little extra peace of mind sounds like a dream come true. How, you may ask? Well, allow me to introduce to you…

The Owlet.

The Owlet is the first device of its kind that’s designed to alert you when baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels dip below normal. So now there’s no need to worry about watching your newborn like a hawk in the middle of the night during those first few precious weeks when you’re already sleep deprived just so you can make sure they don’t stop breathing. Every mother knows what I’m talking about here… you bring baby home from the hospital, finally get them drift off into a peaceful slumber, then 3am rolls around and instead of falling asleep yourself (like you should), you sit and stare… and stare… and stare. It’s all you’re able to do because you’re so consumed with the thought of that tiny, fragile chest not rising and falling anymore the second you fall asleep. And even though you swore you’d kill anybody who dares to wake your sleeping baby, it’s YOU who ultimately interrupts their sugar plum dreams with a gentle poke here and a tiny nudge there just to see if they move in response.

Well parents, rest assured because with the Owlet you can now catch some sweet dreams yourself. With 83% of parents reporting a better night’s sleep, the Owlet is literally a dream(s) come true.

Finally, a high tech device that can hold its own against the iPhone, flat screen TVs, wireless routers and all the other life-changing inventions of modern times. However this, unlike all of the above, offers you a peace of mind. It’s added security for your most valuable possession yet… and that’s priceless.

The Owlet intently monitors your baby’s vitals as they’re sleeping through the use of a specialized sock containing hospital technology that collects data on baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. It then sends that data via Bluetooth to the pod-shaped base station that you can set up on your nightstand, and allows you to view real time readings on your phone. It all runs through the wifi connection in your home, no wires required. It’s accompanied by a free app in the App Store that allows you to check in and view your baby’s stats anytime you want- without having to nudge them back awake. In the event of your baby’s vitals falling outside of normal range, it’s designed to alert you both on your phone and from the base station, giving you one less thing to worry about at night.

There’s 3 different sizes of the smart sock that come in the box so it can be worn all throughout infancy and past any growth spurts. It stretches over your baby’s foot to provide a nice, snug fit to keep the sensor in place and those little hands from tugging it off. You don’t have to worry about getting a false alarm if your busy bee is tossing and turning at night, instead the app will spell it out for you by relaying the message on the screen that your baby is wiggling- and this is a good time to point out.. the Owlet only works while baby is asleep and still, it’s not meant for active, daytime hours when those tiny toes are begging for you to play Little Piggy with them.



This little guy is way too important to take any chances with, as I’m sure yours is too. There’s nothing on Earth more important than your little Earthling, and that stands true for everyone who has the honor of holding the title of ‘Parent’. If staying up all night- every night was a physical possibility, I’m sure parents all around the world would do it just for the sake of their little one, but we can’t. That’s where Owlet steps in;

The Owlet stays up all night so you don’t have to.

As I sign off for the night enthusiastically looking forward to a solid night’s rest, my hope you for is that with the introduction of this revolutionary device, you too can get a good night’s sleep. One that’s free of constant worry and concern, paranoia or guilt. Parents, we have the next 18 years (okay, a lifetime) to feel that way over every little thing our children will eventually do without us, so to worry a little less about anything pertaining to my child-especially something as critical as life or death, is not only a great investment in my book, but a necessary one.

*This post was sponsored by Owlet.

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