Shopping for Busy Moms

Oh how I miss the days when it was just me, myself and I on the road headed to the mall to do some shopping for myself. How simple life was! I’d get to drive at my own pace, have my windows down, listen to any song I wanted and spend all the time in the world browsing the racks without being rushed. Oh! And I used to be able to maneuver through isles without a big stroller getting in the way (sigh).

Snap back to reality. Those days are long gone. I could never go to the store with 3 kids… Unless of course I wanted to lose one or have an anxiety attack along the way. These days the song on repeat in my car is Baby Shark, the windows are always up, and chances are I’m headed to the park for a play date. Even when my mom watches the kids for me, I have to be in and out of the store as quickly as possible- the phone calls start at about 10 minutes out because she needs me to come back home for whatever reason ASAP.

Well, times have changed, but so has technology. I’m a pro at online shopping now, and I can tell you that there’s some shady places out there where you never know what you’re gonna get. Especially when it comes to big items and things that rely heavily on customer reviews. That’s why I wanted to share with you guys my two new favorite ways to shop- both for myself and for little ones.

The Baby Cubby

The first place I’m 100% in love with is a store called The Baby Cubby. They only sell top baby products, and by “top” I don’t mean just based on customer reviews, these people actually test each product out themselves before giving it their stamp of approval. This place is not just another baby store. Their team is made up of a bunch of parents who’ve been there, done that and they only select the safest products to include in their selection. They provide an awesome shopping experience and a long lasting relationship with all of their customers by engaging with them online and via social media and they offer valuable insight to all the parents out there who’ve ever been discouraged or doubtful of what to look for when shopping for their baby. They also do fun things like test strollers out on their stroller test track, price match everyday (even on Amazon!) and provide free shopping nationwide on their website. Got any other questions or want to discuss some topics of parenthood that may be difficult? Check out their Cubby Community Blog, another neat way they keep in touch with their customers.

I got this 4Moms BounceRoo seat from them and I couldn’t be happier. Johnny can now finally be part of all the fun his siblings and I share together. All the reviews I read were right, it was shipped for free and it came in the mail super fast. I’ve been wanting to get a bouncy seat for this little guy for awhile now, but since I couldn’t necessarily just run out to the store for the reasons mentioned above, I procrastinated on it. I was worried I’d get something I didn’t like in the mail, and concerned that if I had any problems or questions the customer service would be questionable and unhelpful. I’m so glad I discovered The Baby Cubby because it solved all those problems, plus gave me added benefits by introducing me to a community of parents that are there to help or just socialize long after a purchase is made.


Just as baby gear is something you’d wanna see in person before buying, the same goes for clothing. Ladies and gentleman, I am OBSESSED with this new shopping experience: Jane. You guys, it’s an app! Every day brand new things are up for grabs, all at ridiculously cheap prices. They team up with boutiques and different types of shops daily to offer 24 hour blow out prices, so getting it while you can is key. It may not be there tomorrow! Every morning I wake up to an email round up of all the deals they have of the day, most items around $20. You can shop everything, from clothing to accessories, household items to toys. Be careful, this app will get you in t-r-o-u-b-l-e!!! But let me just tell you how much time it’s saved me… I have a closet full of clothes I never would of had if I didn’t have the pleasure of shopping in under 5 minutes from home with a couple clicks in this app. I got this striped dress and beaded necklace from them and I think it was under $20 for both. Daily sales, major discounts, only while items last… so hop on this bandwagon now.

With convenient methods of shopping like these, I’m able to dedicate my time to where it belongs: with my kids having fun and not bumping shoulders with strangers in a congested store with 3 kids crying in the shopping cart. If you have young kids yourself, you know what I mean. You’ll fall in love with places like The Baby Cubby for the little ones, and Jane for both yourself and the home (seeing the prices of some of their home decor made my jaw drop). And honestly, who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail? It feels like Christmas every time something shows up at my front door- much more exciting than lugging things back home in my trunk while listening to Baby Shark for the millionth time.

I hope you get a chance to check them out! Thanks for stopping by, until next time my friends!

*This post was sponsored by The Baby Cubby &

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