Potty Time!

I peeked around the corner of the hallway and saw pieces and shreds of toilet paper flying everywhere. Accompanied by that were squeals of excitement and loud laughter. Marco had just finished going pee pee on the potty for the first time and his sister made no light deal of it. They were having way too much fun to stop them, so I quickly ran to grab my camera and start documenting this tiny yet huge milestone in his childhood, and their relationship.

Potty training is no joke, I’ve learned with Giada that you can’t push it until they’re ready, if you do you’ll just end up disappointed. With Marco, things have been different. A lot easier to say the least. I think having an older sibling to lead by example makes a huge difference. He’s still in the beginning stages and nowhere near off the diaper, but we’re making progress and slowly getting him used to the potty. With that said, I have plans to share all my successful potty training tips as soon as this little guy’s trial and error phase is complete, however during this time it would be complete nonsense to keep him out of a diaper (he just turned 2!).

Sometimes the transitional phase lasts for months, sometimes longer. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work with Ari Baby Designs because her potty training pants are simply perfect for such a time like this. His undies are lined with absorbent padding to soak up any accidents, while at the same time he can feel like a big boy during the day as we’re training. She takes custom orders! I chose the fabrics and band colors for these undies myself, you can browse all her cute selections right here. For Giada, who’s well past the potty training stage, her regular undies work perfectly. She’s a My Little Pony freak, so naturally I had to pick these for her. The first thing she said when she put them on was, “These are so comfortable, Mommy!”, then only second to that was her genuine excitement for the My Little Pony design.

Was the mess difficult to clean up? Not too bad, but the fun they had being able to make a mess and waste a whole roll of toilet paper without getting in trouble, and the looks on their faces when Marco finally succeeded in going potty for the first time? Priceless.

We’ve got a hurricane approaching and that means our power will most likely be out for awhile, so to all my readers & brands that I’m currently working with, please forgive any absence I’ll surely be forced to take! In the mean time I’ve posted some photos of Marco’s 2nd birthday on my Instagram. Soon I’ll get them on the blog, we all had the most adorable family tees that I can’t wait to share. If you’re a Floridian, stay safe and get to putting those shutters up!

This post was sponsored by Ari Baby Designs.

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