Memory Keepsake Puppy

Some of you may remember this picture from my Instagram on the day I brought Johnny home from the hospital. Well, Stitches by Natalie took this blanket and turned it into a special keepsake for us. From this blanket came Johnny’s Memory Puppy, an incredibly clever way to save newborn blankets in a way that can be used, and then cherished forever. Use code Graziella10 to save 10% on a custom Memory Puppy of your own!

How unique is this?! She embroiders the birth stats by hand and you can chose any color you want. All you have to do is send her your baby’s blanket and she creates this beautiful Memory Puppy with it. Natalie started her company 5 years ago after the birth of her first child and since then her shop has evolved to include an array of memory keepsakes like custom hooded towels, oversized Memory Bears, Picture Bears and more. You can request to have your child’s name embroidered on an any of her custom items or check out her Instagram page for inspiration here.

Originally I was going to simply fold this blanket up, vacuum seal it in a plastic bag and store it away in Johnny’s memory box like I did for my other 2 babies. Fortunately Stitches By Natalie contacted me right in time and explained to me what she could do with this blanket and offered to make one for my little Fox. Now I have an incredible piece of memorabilia that played a special part in his birth story and in bringing him home for the very first time, and I’m so grateful to be able to have this and hold on to forever.

Think of what a great gift this would make for a new mom! Imagine if you asked a friend for one of their newborn’s blankets and didn’t say what you were going to use it for. Then, all of the sudden, she’d get this in the mail. She’d be floored! You’d be the most thoughtful friend, ever! Right now you can save 10% on one of your own, just in time for the holidays, enter code Graziella10.

A very big thank you to Natalie, your talent is incredible and your Memory Puppy will have a special place in our hearts & home forever!


Get Your Memory Puppy Here | Use code Graziella10 for 10% off

This post was sponsored by Stitches By Natalie


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