My Favorite Black & White Styles For Kids.

Lately I’ve been into black & white outfits, blame it on Halloween. Actually, I’ve always loved the monochromatic look. I wore black everyday in school way before the goth kids proclaimed it, and I started dying my hair black from light brown around age 16. Now it’s my kid’s turn to wear my favorite scheme, and these are some of the best monochrome outfits I’ve come across for them.

For Johnny, two great etsy shops sent me these outfits. First, the b&w triangle print set with the matching hat (pictured last), along with the Swiss cross romper with the green matching hat (the first photo) were hand made by the wonderful Cameo from Pikku Myy Boutique. I wish I could sew like her! She started making baby clothes when she became disappointed in the quality the stores had to offer. So she started creating her own designs and perfected all the bad quality issues, and she definitely learned how to do so incredibly. The quality of her clothing is unmatched, I’ve even washed both of these outfits several times and they look as if they’ve never been touched. Two thumbs up, for sure! His arrow onesie is sold out but came from Tot Mox Boutique. They actually sent it to me a long time ago but he just now grew into it, and I’m so glad he did because it’s one of the simplest yet most adorable onesies I’ve ever had for my babies. Their designs are incredibly unique and eye catching, and they sell out constantly so right now they’re only taking pre-orders for their next collection.

Giada’s Tiny Boss tee can be found at Little Wolly’s. The shirt is so soft and thin, not like your typical T-shirt. Their shop also has matching Mom Boss tees for mamas and a bunch of other cute statement tees. I love browsing through their selection because everything is so trendy and on point.

Finally, Marco’s Harry Potter tee was something I was lucky to find for under $5! I was at Walmart buying baby diapers and I strolled past it when it screamed “Take me home!” So naturally, momma put it in the bag. We are a family of Harry Potter geeks, so there’s no way I could’ve passed this up.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the week, Fall has finally come to visit Florida as our first cold front (70 degrees) has moved in. I love that first day of the year when the cool air hits you in the face as you walk outside, it’s like nature’s antidepressant! I could never be in a bad mood when the weather starts to change like that.

Until next time!


This post was sponsored by Pikku Myy Boutique, Little Wolly’s Boutique & Tot Mox Boutique.

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