Mustela’s Healthy, Happy Bottoms


If you were to give Marco a choice between a basket of toys or a rash free bum for Christmas, he’d absolutely pick the latter. Now, if it came to a hamburger vs a healthy, happy bottom… chances are he’d go for the burger. Nevertheless, one of the only things my Marco Man hates more than anything else is the dreaded diaper rash, and being rash free is something he’d almost always opt for.

This big boy has definitely had his fair share of diaper rash. Unfortunately, he’s a big time juice drinker. Additionally, he’ll gobble down a full plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce like it’s nobody’s business. Put those two things together and you have an acidic concoction waiting to burn that smooth little baby butt of his. Because of his taste in food & drinks,  Marco is more prone to diaper rash than any of his other siblings, and out of all of them, he’s had the most difficulty with this issue by far. It doesn’t matter how quickly I change him or what brand of diapers or wipes I use, as soon as his diaper needs to be changed it’s already too late for his sensitive skin.

After 2 years of dealing with just his rashes, plus all the times I’ve had to nurture two other sore bums, you can say I’m pretty experienced in the diaper rash department. Just as I know all the different types of drugstore makeup like the back of my hand, the same holds true for ointments and creams used to treat diaper rash. If you were to ask me a week ago what brand I’d recommend, I would’ve said Bordeaux’s Butt Paste, hands down! Not the yellow one, but the red extra strength one. But after receiving Mustela’s new 1-2-3 Diaper Rash Cream, I have to say I’ve honestly been converted! I never thought my loyalty could be swayed from Bordeaux’s Butt Paste, especially since it clears up the worst of rashes within a day flat, but to my surprise it was!

The main ingredient in Mustela’s 1-2-3 cream is beeswax, with a 9.9% potency of zinc as its active ingredient. So right there I already had enough reason to try. I also did a little comparative research on it and by the time I was done I almost wanted to try some of this cream out on myself, it sounded so promising! 100% of pediatricians & dermatologists surveyed approved of its preventive action after witnessing an 80% reduction in irritation and redness after just one use. Yes, just one! Not only was Mustela’s 1-2-3 diaper rash cream proven in efficiency for the instant relief of discomfort associated with diaper rash, it’s also been proven to effectively prevent, treat and recover all signs of a diaper rash both before and during an occurrence. It’s preventive effects stop it before it starts, while it’s active ingredient combined with beeswax repairs the skin barrier over any existing boo boos. By the time he’s ready for his next diaper change, it’s almost barely noticeable and not red at all.

The hypoallergenic formula made me a little less weary to use on my 4 month old who also inherited his father’s sensitive Irish skin, after several applications his biscuits were completely unremarkable with no evidence of redness or any kind of reaction at all.

Our newfound love for the Mustela brand didn’t stop there, either. Luckily we were sent even more goodies from their new line of products to test out, and each of them had me just as satisfied as the last. You know that moment when you’re about to wipe your baby’s butt and you know it’s going to hurt because their rash looks as bad as it must feel? It takes all the strength you have to get through cleaning them up as you steel yourself through their poor high pitch screams… and it almost makes you cry more than they do? That’s because most wipes have alcohol, or some other harsh chemicals in them  that cause more harm than good, and it makes the rash burn even more than it already does. Doesn’t that sound kind of cruel? Well, I was gearing up for a moment just like that while changing Marco’s diaper yesterday, and guess what? After wiping him down really well with Mustela’s Dermo-Soothing Wipes, there were no cries. I was shocked! I later found out that just like the cream, these wipes were also formulated to protect and repair the skin barrier as well. They are alcohol free, made with aloe vera extract to soothe the skin, contain saponaria leaf extracts that cleanse and tone, and are formulated with a patented avocado ingredient which reinforces the skin’s delicate barrier and preserves the skin’s cellular resources. Um, don’t mind if I use some myself, Marco.

As if we weren’t blown away enough, there were more products to try out.  Mustela’s PhysiObebe cleansing water, Baby ShampooDermo Cleansing Gel, and Hydra Bebe Body Lotion, ALL proved to be as as equally amazing as the last. I am genuinely Mustela’s newest fan and I don’t think I’d switch to another brand for anything. I seriously ask all moms give this line of products a try before using anything else, if you don’t you’ll be left wondering why it took so long for you to do so, just as I found myself asking the same question. It may cost a little bit more than your typical baby care products, but is there really a price for your baby’s happiness?

If your child has already outgrown the diaper stage, think of the baby shower gifts you’re going to have to buy at some point in the future. I already know what I’m getting my girlfriend who’s expecting any day now, the Winter Essentials Bundle. And for my other friend who’s due in the Spring, the Newborn Set, or Bebe Bathtime Bubbles set is perfect. Whichever bundle I chose, I know I can’t go wrong.

Thanks a million, Mustela! Nothing can replace the gift of comfort and a happy, healthy bottom for my little ones. If you decide to try Mustela’s products, post an image on social media with the hash tag #HappyHealthyBottom & #MyMustelaMoment.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

This post was sponsored by Mustela USA. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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