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Happy, Happy, Happy Holidays, Folks! I’m going to be hosting a HUGE giveaway starting TODAY which will run through CHRISTMAS MORNING! This is an Instagram only giveaway, so although details are posted here on my blog, the only way to enter and grab your chance to win everything in this stocking is by heading over to


and following the directions under my latest post.

The rules are simple, you must 1st have an Instagram account, and then be following all of the following instagram accounts: @GraziellaHannan (me), @NubyUSA, @FinnandEmma, @LittleEllaRae, and @MilestoneBaby. [We check and all verify].

I’ve teamed up with Nuby USA, Little Ella Rae, Milestone Baby and Finn+Emma to offer one lucky winner all of Johnny’s favorite stocking stuffers pictured above! Here is the breakdown of what the winner will receive:

  1. Nuby USA’s Teething Necklace. 

    Your choice of a Nuby USA Teething necklace for your little one to enjoy while providing you with a dash of style at the same time! Ever since Johnny got his hands on his, he hasn’t been able to put it down! It’s become sort of like his “bubby”, or security toy instead of the typical binky or blanket most babies opt for. Each necklace is made up of 100% silicone beads to provide comfort to baby’s gums and emerging teeth, is safe for babies to touch, tug on and put in their mouth, passed all governmental safety standards, and comes in a variety of colors and different styles to suite your own personal taste!

  2. Nuby’s Banana Teether.

    This is another one of Johnny’s favorite toys! And I must say, I adore it just as much because it’s the cutest little teething toy I ever did see. The banana teething toy is the perfect size for tiny little hands to grasp, contains gum stimulating bristles on the tip, is made of 100% silicone and is a breeze to keep clean and disinfect.

  3. A Finn+Emma Wooden Teething Rattle of your choice.

    These rattles are toy perfection to the max! Each Finn + Emma wood teething rattle is made with love out of untreated Indian Hardwood, finished with non-toxic vegetable seed wax, and filled with Indian cooking beans that produce a soft, soothing sound when shook. They’re perfectly safe for little mouths to chew on, are very smooth and soft to the touch, and come in a bunch of appealing designs. Pictured above is their Polaroid Rattle and Heart Rattle, as well as their Hand-knit Ramsey the Raccoon Rattle Buddy, but the winner has the option of selecting any wooden teething rattle of their choice.

  4. Nuby USA’s Nibbler.

    This little handy-dandy product has made Johnny feel like a big boy, allowing him to try real solid foods, even though he’s no quite ready yet. I’ve placed bananas, strawberries, pineapple and even chocolate in there before, each time he’s happily occupied for hours while discovering new flavors and textures of food! The mesh bag allows your baby to try almost anything while not having to worry about chewing or choking. This is definitely one of those must have items for babies around 4-7 months when they’re ready to graduate to something besides milk all the time, but don’t yet have the teeth to do so.

  5. Milestone Baby Photographing Cards.

    This box contains 30 cards that are meant to be photographed with your child anytime they reach a certain age or meet a new milestone, making it easy to document your baby’s biggest memories and developmental progress in a crafty, creative way. The set pictured above is their newest Limited Edition Set, but the winner of this giveaway can select from any of Milestone’s Photo Card Sets, each packaged in an attractive, hard cover box so your baby’s moments can be kept safe.

  6. Little Ella Rae’s Monochrome Flannel Fox Blanket.

    This is the perfect season to get your hands on one of these blankets. They are incredibly soft and cozy, made of pure flannel material, can be reversed on the other side to show a solid black blanket, and is large enough to cover a standard size crib mattress. Little Ella Rae makes the most adorable baby blankets all by hand, the light gray jersey knit winter blanket with matching hat Johnny is wearing above is also from their collection.


Everything in this stocking has been Johnny’s most used items this season. Not only are all these things great for any baby, they’re also fantastic for moms who wish to make their little one as happy as a bumble bee. Happy baby = happy mom, just like happy wife = happy life! On Christmas morning, check back on my Instagram to see if you’re the lucky winner!

I hope everyone is enjoying the final days leading up to the most magical day of the year! You all have been so supportive and kind to me throughout 2016, so much so that I can’t come up with the right words to accurately express just how grateful I truly am. Thank you for stopping by, and GOOD LUCK to everyone who enters!

See you over on Instagram,


*This giveaway and post is sponsored by the following companies: Nuby USA, Finn+Emma, Milestone Baby, and Little Ella Rae.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Great stocking stuffers suggestions!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. He is such a cutie! My first born started teething around 3 months so I’m preparing for that again with my now 2 month old daughter! These are all great products! I have my fingers crossed! I entered on IG under @missmazariegos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Graziella H. says:

      Awesome!! I’ll check you out thanks!


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